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Precautions of Portable Endoscope Camera

Released on Jun. 15, 2019

Precautions in use the Portable Endoscope Camera is not damaged during the operation. Although it will touch and bump with the tissues of the human body such as muscles, mucous membranes, bones, etc., these bumps are slight and will not cause peeks. The mirror is damaged because it is only for observation, not the point of force of other instruments. However, when using other instruments, especially for clamps and scissors with large bite force, please note that the front end of the lens tube should not protrude into the occlusal area of the instrument to avoid accidental injury to the lens tube. When using such instruments, sometimes the doctor stretches the speculum very close to the tissue in order to see the tissue in the occlusal area. When the instrument is engaged, the speculum does not return and the speculum is accidentally injured. Such accidents can be avoided by paying attention to the occlusion of the instrument during the operation of the scope.

Portable Endoscope Camera