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Things After Installation Of Medical Endoscopy USB Camera

Released on Jun. 28, 2019

After the installation of the Medical Endoscopy USB Camera, there is debugging work. The clinic staff must carefully consult the technicians who install and debug the equipment, master the operation methods, and try to ensure that the equipment is operating normally. If the equipment is not working properly, the supplier is responsible for replacing the unsuitable parts until the entire unit is replaced.

Excellent bio-substitution and biocompatibility, no symptoms and over-the-counter, anti-blood stasis; long-term implantation in the body, without losing the physical and mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elastic modulus; easy to process The complex shape required. The workshop for the preparation of medical devices must be fully enclosed. The district uses high-performance materials to store and install high-power air-exchange air extractors to ensure the constant temperature and air cleanliness of the workshop. During the production process, it is strictly forbidden to use mold release agents and rust removers. Make sure the product is not contaminated.

Similar to cars, larger and more complex equipment has an operational adaptation process. After six months to one year of use, it is necessary to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance before you can enter the routine maintenance procedure. These tasks should be done by the equipment supplier.

Take X and wire machine as an example. Before installation, lay the corresponding wires, sockets and fuses to ensure that they match the technical parameters of the machine. It is very good to install the voltage regulator to ensure that the X and the line machine can work normally at any time. If there are conditions, in addition to the single-chip microcomputer, the panoramic machine should also be installed. Even if it is temporarily impossible to install the panoramic machine due to financial difficulties, it is necessary to leave enough space for future development. For clinics where orthodontic treatment and treatment are the mainstay, the panoramic machine is essential.

Medical Endoscopy USB Camera