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Is Digital Video Colposcopy Harmful?

Released on Jan. 24, 2022

Digital video colposcopy is mainly used to check female lower genital tract diseases, and it is also of great value in the diagnosis of uterine diseases. Colposcopy can detect cervical lesions in time, and can also provide biopsy of suspicious abnormal parts, such as Patients with chronic cervicitis and long-term lack of efficacy can also be checked through this test.

Is Digital Video Colposcopy Harmful? Generally, digital video colposcopy is non-invasive, so there is no harm to the body. Don't worry too much. The lens of the colposcope does not touch the patient's vagina, so it will not cause cross-infection between patients during examination. During the examination, the patient was pain-free.

Scope of digital video colposcopy:

(1) Those who have contact bleeding and no obvious lesions of the cervix are observed with the naked eye;

(2) Pap grade II or higher on cervical smear cytology, or abnormal epithelial cells or persistent vaginal secretions are indicated by liquid-based cytology;

(3) Observe suspicious lesions with the naked eye, and perform localization biopsy of suspicious lesions;

(4) Diagnosis of cervicitis and condyloma acuminatum;

(5) Long-term treatment of chronic cervicitis is ineffective to exclude the presence or absence of cancer;

(6) Examination of vaginal adenopathy and vaginal malignant tumor; follow-up and follow-up treatment effect;

(7) Before the operation of cervical precancerous lesions and carcinoma in situ, it is necessary to determine the scope of surgical resection of the lesions under its guidance. In addition, colposcopy treatment can reduce missed lesions.

Examination time: Colposcopy should be arranged 3-5 days after menstruation. There is no time limit for those who are suspected of cervical cancer or precancerous lesions. Those with lesions in the cervical canal should be examined close to the ovulation period.

The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about digital video colposcopy, hoping to help female friends better understand that digital electronic colposcopy has been widely used in the examination of vaginal and cervical diseases, and is known as the "eye of the gynecologist".