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Is an Ear Endoscopy Painful?

Released on Mar. 23, 2023

I have a buzzing in my ears, doctor. Do you have any advice for me?

Make an appointment for an ent endoscopy examination!

An ENT examination typically includes external ear examinations, eustachian tube examinations, hearing tests, vestibular tests, olfactory tests, examinations of the external nose and nasal cavity, nasal function tests, nasal endoscopies, oropharyngeal tests, and laryngeal tests.

An ear endoscope is an optical device that can perform detailed examinations of the nasal cavity and throat area.ENT endoscopy is not as scary as many people think, although many people worry that it will be painful.Now let's discover what you fear and hate about this existence!

Is an Ear Endoscopy Painful?

An ear endoscopy

At first glance, an otoscope looks the same as a nasal endoscope. But in fact, the endoscope is slightly shorter than the nasal endoscope. 

Through the endoscope, the whole external ear canal and tympanic membrane can be observed, and cerumen (commonly known as earwax) and foreign body removal from the external ear canal, tympanic membrane puncture and biopsy of new organisms in the external ear canal can be performed under the endoscope.

Because the endoscope is suspended inside the ear, the doctor will try to avoid touching the mucous membrane or skin inside the ear canal, so that the patient will not feel pain - provided, of course, that the patient remembers to cooperate with the doctor!

Advantages of IKEDA ENT endoscopy systems

1. Using high brightness 80W LED light source, light guide fiber lighting, brightness, observation of the scene is clear, changing the traditional external way used by rhinologists.Furthermore, there is no radiation, no toxic and harmful substances (such as mercury), preventing the damaging effect of mercury overflow from fluorescent tube ruptures.

2、Large view angle. Using different angles of the endoscope, the doctor can do all-round observation of the nasal cavity, pharynx and ear.

3, IKEDA ENT endoscopic camera system is with high resolution, no focal length limit, far and near scenes are very clear.

4、Medical ent endoscopic machine will do a magnifying effect. Movingthe endoscope from 3 cm from the observation scene to 1 cm, can make the observationvisible at a magnified scalehundred times.

Is an Ear Endoscopy Painful?