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Industrial Endoscope to check car engine carbon deposits

Released on Apr. 29, 2021

When a car is running, excessive carbon deposits will cause problems such as unstable idling, poor acceleration, and increased fuel consumption, so it needs to be cleaned up in time. With the continuous development of endoscope technology and the emergence of industrial endoscopes, many invisible problems have been solved, such as the use of endoscopes to check car engine carbon deposits.

Industrial Endoscope

First understand the hazards of carbon deposition:

Hazard 1: Carbon deposits will block the needle holes and valve holes of the fuel injection nozzle and affect the performance of the precision components of the electronic injection system, thereby deforming the fuel injection and reducing its normal flow, resulting in a decrease in power performance; if it is a carburetor engine , Carbon deposits will accumulate in the carburetor, especially around the oil metering hole and the rapid metering hole, which will result in unstable engine idling, easy stalling and increased fuel consumption.

Hazard 2: The deposits will form carbon deposits in the intake valve, causing it to be tightly closed, and the cylinder pressure in the combustion chamber will drop, resulting in unstable engine operation, increased fuel consumption and accompanied by exhaust emissions worsening the environment.

Hazard 3: Due to the high heat capacity of carbon deposits and poor thermal conductivity, it is easy to cause local overheating of the combustion chamber and gasoline pre-combustion to cause engine knocks and other failures. At the same time, as the carbon deposits continue to accumulate, the volume of the combustion chamber will decrease, and the engine's As the compression ratio increases, the demand for gasoline octane increases and fuel consumption increases.

Yikeda Industrial Endoscope GY-9119 is an automotive endoscope developed and designed for the field of automobile manufacturing and maintenance. It is mainly used for detecting and diagnosing automobile engine, carbon deposit and blockage.

Before the engine is cleaned, the endoscope is used to observe the carbon deposit inside the engine and collect images, which not only avoids unnecessary disassembly, but also accurately and efficiently find the car lesions. After cleaning, observe and collect images, and then compare the images observed before and after cleaning. The entire maintenance process is very clear, simple and environmentally friendly, and meets the concept of green auto repair.

Yikeda industrial endoscope can not only observe the internal condition of the engine, but also observe whether there are cracks in the engine block, the internal condition of the gearbox and the water tank and other places that can be touched but not seen, so as to visually see the problems of the car. .