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Image color cast processing method of endoscope camera system

Released on Jul. 28, 2022

The endoscope camera system is one of the indispensable equipments in endoscopic minimally invasive surgery. It can transmit images reflecting the situation in the cavity, and through the medical monitor, it is convenient for doctors to observe the clear and detailed intracavity tissue, and it is convenient for the surgeon to better understand the situation in the cavity. accurate judgment. It is also possible to introduce light from a strong external light source into the organ to illuminate the examination site. Meet the routine examinations and operations of ENT, general surgery, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and other departments.

Image color cast processing method of endoscope camera system

1. First of all, whether the white balance is set correctly

You can re-do the white balance. When diagnosing a clean gauze, the front end of the mirror should not have iodophor or other colors. The image window should display all white to ensure the correct color after the dialogue. The dialogue time is 2-3 seconds until the prompt white balance is completed. Then use it again to see if the color returns.

2. The influence of cold light source on image color

The main indicators of the cold light source as the illumination light source of the endoscope are brightness and color temperature. The light from the end of the endoscope is not flickering white light, but light with color. To judge the fault of the cold light source, the lack of any color will cause the image Color cast.

If the true color cannot be restored after correcting the white balance and excluding the influence of other supporting equipment, it may be the aging of the wire, the color cast of the endoscope camera system caused by the defect of signal transmission, or the aging and deterioration of the circuit components of the camera. , or the image color cast caused by the aging of the camera CCD, which needs to be replaced with corresponding accessories according to different reasons.

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