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How To Choose A Medical Endoscope Camera?

Released on Jul. 30, 2021

Medical Endoscope Camera is used for clinical endoscopy or surgery in hospitals. It displays the examination and video imaging of the operation area. It is currently used in general departments and is commonly used clinically in otolaryngology, urology, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and neurology. Departments of surgery, medical aesthetics and plastic surgery, for hospitals and distributors, there are many brands of endoscopic cameras, and how to choose the right endoscopic camera is a problem they are more concerned about.

For doctors’procurement department and distributors, choosing a cost-effective endoscopic camera is a problem they are more concerned about. With the continuous development of medical technology, domestic and foreign manufacturers of endoscopic camera are also increasing. Among the brands, How To Choose A Medical Endoscope Camera? Choose the appropriate one according to the needs of the hospital or doctor.

Xuzhou AKX Electronic Science And Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the production and sales of medical endoscope camera. The product specifications are complete, from high-definition endoscopic cameras-full-HD endoscopic cameras-3 chip endoscopic cameras-4K ultra-high-definition endoscopic cameras. Unique product appearance design, integrated host design, and new concept of endoscopic camera definition: one set of equipment = 2 sets of equipment (not only an integrated portable device, but also an external high-definition monitor can be used as a desktop endoscope), high brightness LED cold light source, white balance memory function, 1080 lines, 2.1 million pixel high-definition SONY COMS and other highlights are favored by domestic top three hospitals and experts in the field of minimally invasive.

For hospitals and distributors, considering these factors when choosing an endoscopic camera, it will be twice the result with half the effort.

1. Is the supplier a manufacturer or an agent

When choosing to purchase an endoscopic camera, whether it is a hospital or a distributor, it is more reliable to choose a strong manufacturer than an agent. It not only saves the intermediate price difference, but also has a professional after-sales team. Any machine problem can be solved in time. However, when choosing a manufacturer, it is still necessary to distinguish whether it is the original manufacturer or the OEM. At present, there are many brands of endoscope cameras in the market, and they need to be discerned.

2. the price

Regarding price, whether it is a hospital or a distributor, it is a key issue that is more concerned. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for", product quality and product price are directly proportional, and you cannot blindly pursue low prices. Products that are too cheap are often accompanied by Quality problems and short service life are not only troublesome for the hospital, but also cost a certain amount of loss.

3. after-sales

After-sales service is another factor that hospitals or distributors pay attention to. No matter which type of machine can be used all the time, there will be no problems. Therefore, after-sales issues need to be considered. The warranty period is an important factor in determining product quality and can provide a long warranty period. Companies often have excellent product quality. After all, every door-to-door service is a big expense.

Many manufacturers now offer clinical trials. If you are not sure which appropriate machine to choose, the hospital can try it out clinically, and you can really get in touch with the machine to understand the effect of the machine.

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