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How Do Hospital Operating Rooms Manage Endoscopes?

Released on Dec. 28, 2019

The operating room used for endoscopic surgery is a relatively high-end operating room in various hospitals. It has a variety of equipment, a variety of brands, and it is difficult to manage. The hospital shall implement integrated management of rigid endoscope resources, establish endoscope cleaning workstations, standardize endoscope distribution and processing procedures, and establish a standardized and programmed endoscope management mode. After the integrated management, the infection of endoscopic surgery is reduced, the connection time between consecutive operations is shortened, and the operation efficiency is significantly improved, which can win more social and economic benefits for the hospital.

Endoscope Camera

Endoscope Camera

1 Endoscope Camera main features:

Valuable precision. Because it is very expensive, the quantity is limited. Coupled with the precise structure and special materials, there are difficulties in loading, unloading, use, cleaning, and sterilization. There are many types of endoscope equipment. The compatibility of different brands of camera systems, light source systems, energy equipment, etc. is difficult and it is not easy to match. The tedious use process leads to difficult training and difficult to master.

2 Difficulties in Endoscope Management

Cost of endoscope equipment. The management mode of each hospital is different. In order to promote discipline construction, cost is the primary issue considered at the hospital level.

The contradiction between disposable supplies and low charges. How to ensure the safety of patients and achieve the balance of income and expenditure is a question we often think about.

3 Clear principles are the overarching program

The operating endoscopes in most hospitals are managed separately, and there are full-time staff for cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, storage, transfer, etc., and some hospitals assign them to the disinfection supply center for standardized management. Regardless of whether it is a disinfection supply central tube or an operating room tube, the standards are the same, the cleaning and sterilization processes are the same, and the sensory monitoring requirements must be the same. Therefore, clear management principles are needed.

The person responsible. Full-time nurses cooperate with surgery, full-time staff cleans packaging, full-time medical-assisted sterilization and monitoring. If the surgical nurse is required to brush the endoscope in a hurry between the end of the operation or even the table, the cleaning quality cannot be guaranteed. The structure of the endoscope instrument is complicated, and it needs to be done step by step according to the cleaning specifications to ensure sufficient cleaning time. In this way, the quality of sterilization can be guaranteed and the safety of the patient can be ensured.

4 Management strategy must be smooth

After ensuring clear management principles at a macro level, a systematic management strategy should be formulated.

Standardize endoscopes such as Endoscopy Camera For ENT cleaning and sterilization procedures to control hospital cross infection. The essence of standardized management of endoscopes is to strengthen the quality management of the links. The quality control of the links runs through the process of endoscope distribution, use, cleaning, and sterilization. Strict classification and treatment of endoscopic instruments and equipment ensure endoscopic instruments The quality of cleaning and sterilization, control of cross-infection in the hospital, and promote continuous improvement of the quality of surgical care and medical safety.

5 Integrated Management Benefits

The integration of various endoscopy resources, unified management, dedicated personnel, dedicated management mode, that is, the equipment is managed by a dedicated person, the equipment, hand washing circuit is responsible for the person, the cleaning and disinfection person is responsible for performing the infection control monitoring, and a dedicated cleaning and disinfection room and cleaning and disinfection instruments and equipment, formulate detailed endoscopic management system and operating procedures.

In short, the integration of resources for hospital endoscopes, the implementation of scientific and standardized unified management, and the rational deployment and use of them are an effective management model established to adapt to the new medical model transformation, which is not only conducive to improving work efficiency, but also improving medical quality of care.

The above is the way that Digital Video Colposcope Manufacturer introduces the management of endoscopes, I hope to help everyone.