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Functional Characteristics Of Digital Colposcope Software

Released on Sep. 25, 2021

The diagnostic role of digital colposcopy for precancerous lesions has been widely recognized by major experts. With the continuous improvement of computer technology and software technology, the software of digital colposcope is also valued by more and more department managers.

The functional characteristics of the digital colposcope software system.

1. Operating system: The electronic colposcopy software supports Windows operating systems such as WINDOWS10, WINDOWS7, and XP. Adapting to more operating systems is the direction of application software development.

2. Hardware requirements: dual-core CPU, memory above 1G; hard disk above 320G;

3. Video capture card: general color video capture card;

4. Collection mode: The software supports foot switch collection, mouse collection, and keyboard collection. Even if the video screen is not displayed, real-time images can be collected through the foot switch.

5. Dynamic pseudo-color: The software supports dynamic pseudo-color.

6. The software supports video recording.

7. The software can store common information such as doctor's name, department, location, diagnosis conclusion, etc. for future input.

8. The software has functions of zooming, freezing, focusing and capturing images;

9. Database: The patient data management software based on database management can conveniently perform statistical analysis of the colposcopy results according to the content of the examination items, according to the patient data and pathological results; samples of statistical analysis results that prove its function should be provided.

10. Image processing: supports real-time display, acquisition, freezing, storage and printing of observation images; supports comparative analysis, annotation, measurement, and image processing of patient pictures, and has the function of expert guidance.

11. Report: supports printing of graphic reports of various examination results and printing of graphic reports of LEEP operation records, and provides printing samples of graphic reports.

12. Printing: The electronic colposcope software supports all printers, any type of printing paper, and adjusts to the printing layout according to the size of the printing paper.

13. The software supports the functions of RCI score, SWEDE score, statistical analysis and result output of patient data.

14. Stability: The software has proven stable performance after long-term use.

15. The software supports interconnection with the hospital's PACS system.