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Full HD Digital Colposcope Equipment designed by IKEDA

Released on May. 28, 2021

Digital electronic colposcope is a fourth-generation high-tech digital imaging system integrating modern digital electronic technology and computer technology. Through the computer, the image of the inspection site is clearly displayed on the computer monitor in real time. Its high-quality light source and high-magnification clear image can identify extremely small lesions. The doctor can observe the lesions on the computer monitor, which is easy to operate and can be used for the two processes of diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, using the colposcope digital image processing and graphic report system, it can collect, freeze, analyze, process, store and print the observed images for integrated operation and management, providing doctors and patients with better quality Service.

Digital Colposcope

The  YKD-3003 uses an authentic SONY digital camera for unbeatable crystal-clear imaging. 

① HD Images

Amazing 2.1 megapixel SONY camera gives you the highest quality vulvar and cervical images on the market.

② Mini LCD Viewing Screen

Adopt imported camera, Built-in high-definition 3.5-inch LCD screen for easy observation;

③ Light Source

Energy-saving LED light source, with high brightness, LED light source, high Color rendering index.

④ Bracket

The integrated design of the camera and the bracket is adopted, the unique hovering function can be rotated at 360°, the five-jaw bracket is more stable,provides a flexible solution with more room between the examiner and the patient.

⑤ Display

 ≥21.5" color liquid crystal display

⑥ Printer

⑦ Hands-Free Image Capture

Support foot switch control, mouse control image acquisition,support examination results or surgery video function.

Specifications of HD camera :

Camera type: 1/2.8inch SONY CMOS

Resolution :2,100,000 pixels  

Image size: 1920*1080

Horizontal  Resolution :  more than 800 lines