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About Endoscopy Camera for Hospitals

Released on Apr. 28, 2019

Endoscopy Camera for Hospitals and endoscopic imaging workstations and other instruments and equipment have large investment, complex system, high technology content, high working environment requirements, strict requirements for installation and operation, etc.; to ensure that the instruments are always in good working condition. It is of great significance to play an effective role in improving the quality of medical services and achieving expected benefits: it is especially important to actively carry out equipment maintenance work. According to the combination of prevention and control, in order to prevent the main concept of maintenance, maintenance should include maintenance and troubleshooting.

As with other medical equipment, in order to ensure the accuracy of Endoscopy Camera for ENT, daily maintenance work is very important, maintenance is active maintenance, also known as advanced maintenance, preventive maintenance.

The use of endoscopes, routine maintenance is generally done by the use of departments and operators. It is a daily work, should be institutionalized, its content should be written into the operating procedures and precautions: 1 department should be assigned to use the department A technician who knows certain instrument knowledge and a strong sense of responsibility is a full-time or part-time instrument manager to assist and guide the operator to do the job.

Endoscopy Camera for Hospitals