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Advantage Of Endoscopy Camera for ENT

Released on Apr. 02, 2019

1. Endoscopy Camera for ENT using high-brightness LED light source, light-guide fiber illumination, strong brightness, clear view of the scene, changing the external way used by traditional nasal surgeons. And there is no radiation, no toxic and harmful substances (such as: mercury), to avoid damage to the body caused by the rupture of fluorescent tubes.

2. Large viewing angle. With different angles of endoscopes, doctors can make a full range of observations on the nasal cavity and sinuses.

3. High resolution, no focal length limitation, far and near scenes are very clear.

4. The ENT Endoscopy Camera has an amplification effect. Moving the nasal endoscope from 3 cm to 1 cm from the observation object can magnify the observation object by a factor of 1.5.

5. The nasal endoscope can be connected with the camera system, so that the surgical method, the surgical cavity and the like are completely displayed from the monitor, which is beneficial to the surgical instructor, the surgeon, and the assistant to observe. Changed the nose department for many years, one person can not see the other people, and the surgery relies on the drawbacks of their own "enlightenment".

6. One-click capture, user-friendly design. And powerful, easy to install, no external power supply, powered by USB interface, easy to carry, easy to operate, collection image acquisition, processing, text editing. You can take a photo with the button while you are working.

Endoscopy Camera for ENT