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Endoscope manufacturers share with you endoscopic-assisted plastic surgery

Released on Feb. 23, 2021

Endoscope cameras are suitable for various endoscope fields such as otoscope, sinusoscope, nasopharyngoscope, laparoscope, hysteroscope, arthroscopy, intervertebral foramoscope, fiberoptic bronchoscope, etc. With the continuous improvement of plastic surgery technology, endoscopy The application of endoscopy in plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular, such as wrinkle surgery, breast augmentation, abdominal plastic surgery, underarm body odor surgery, etc., which can be performed with the assistance of endoscopy. The following endoscope manufacturers share with you the plastic surgery assisted by the endoscope and witness the beauty process together with you.

Endoscope-assisted plastic surgery

Forehead liftCompared with the traditional forehead lift with a wound of about 30 cm, the endoscopic lift only requires 35 1.52 cm hidden incisions in the hairline. With the help of the endoscope, the skin tissue is peeled off and the skin is tightened. It can effectively improve eyebrow pressure, drooping eyebrow tail, drooping eye tail, forehead wrinkles, splayed eyebrows, upper face and middle face.
Breast augmentationThe minimally invasive mouth is hidden under the armpit, the breast space is created with the help of an endoscope, and the breast augmentation implant is inserted to enlarge the breast. Although the operation time will be longer than traditional surgery, but during the operation, the proper space for breast augmentation implant can be accurately stripped, the ideal chest shape can be shaped, and the bleeding can be accurately stopped, reducing postoperative pain and reducing capsular contracture Chance of
Abdominal surgery/abdominal liftIn addition to fat accumulation in women after childbirth, abdominal fascia is loosened, causing abdomen protrusion, which must be improved by abdominal plastic surgery. With the help of an endoscope, patients with less abdominal epidermis can sew the loose fascia layer tightly through an incision of 4 to 5 cm, and excise and suture the excess abdominal skin, compared to the previous method , The wound will shrink
Underarm body odor surgeryBefore the operation, locate the apical plasma gland under the armpit and make an incision of about 1 cm. Use the endoscope to help and scrape it with a rotating knife. Compared with traditional deodorization surgery, the wound is reduced, the scraping rate is increased, and the recurrence rate is reduced. .

Advantages of endoscope used in plastic surgery:

1. Improve surgical safety

With the aid of high-quality, high-resolution endoscopes, doctors can clearly distinguish all tissues within the scope of surgery, avoiding blood vessels and nerves when performing surgery, reducing bleeding and improving surgical safety.

2. The wound is reduced and the repair period is shortened

Plastic surgery has the help of an endoscopic camera. Using special endoscopic instruments, only a few centimeters of incision is required to enter the surgical area for treatment, which greatly reduces the wound. Compared with traditional surgery, tissue damage is reduced and the postoperative recovery period is shortened. , The pain is reduced.

The above is the endoscope manufacturer's sharing of endoscopic-assisted plastic surgery with you, more welcome to consult!