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The function and application scope of electronic colposcope

Released on Apr. 24, 2021

The value of colposcopy combined with vaginal cytology and histopathological examinations in the early diagnosis of cervical precancerous lesions and cervical cancer has been widely used clinically and has become an important method for general screening and treatment of cervical cancer. The electronic colposcopy can magnify the observed image to between 10-60 times, and can find tiny lesions that are invisible to ordinary people. Using this magnification effect scientifically, doctors can clearly see the details of very small lesions on the epidermis of the cervix and genitals, which greatly improves the accuracy of judging the lesions of the cervix and genitals, and provides scientific and effective basis for the early diagnosis of the disease. Patients receive effective treatment in advance, which improves the early cure rate of the disease.

Electronic colposcope

The function of electronic colposcope:

1. True color dynamic image display and Chinese report printing function, image dynamic zoom, zoom out, freeze, green filter, auto focus, adjustable light intensity.

2. Dynamically collect images, can measure and label the images, display time and timing, store patient data and image information at the same time, establish a corresponding case database, and have multiple case query functions.

3. It has powerful dynamic and static image processing functions: it can observe, freeze, collect and save images in real time, which is suitable for vaginal detection and dynamic observation during surgery.   

4. The collected images can be processed for various diagnoses: the length, circumference, and area of the lesion can be measured to improve the accuracy of diagnosis.

5. RCI score, SWEDE score, statistical analysis and result output function of patient data.

6. Graphical report printing of various examination results and LEEP operation record graphic report printing, providing graphic report printing samples.

Application range of electronic colposcope:

Electronic colposcope is mainly used to observe the lesions of the cervix, vagina and vulva of the lower genital tract. Since the colposcopy can magnify the lesions by 10-40 times, it can be used to observe the smallest lesions with the naked eye. It can also be used for biopsy under colposcopy positioning, thereby increasing the positive detection rate and assisting the clinical early detection of precancerous lesions and Cancerous. If cytological methods are combined with colposcopy and microscopic biopsy, and if necessary, cervical canal scraping, the accuracy of the diagnosis of precancerous lesions and early invasive cancer can be improved by 92%, which can be obvious with early treatment Improve the survival rate of patients. Therefore, colposcopy is an important method for early diagnosis and early treatment of lower genital tract cancer. In addition, electronic colposcopy can also be used clinically for ablation and resection of vegetation.

Electronic colposcope is an inspection method that is painless and can be repeated many times to follow up and observe without affecting the lesion. It has brought more accuracy and convenience to the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases of the majority of women, and has now become one of the important methods for cervical cancer screening.