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Do I need to take a biopsy for digital colposcopy?

Released on Jun. 24, 2021

Do I need to take a biopsy for digital colposcopy?

Digital colposcopy is mainly for the diagnosis and diagnosis of vaginal and cervical diseases. When it comes to colposcopy, biopsy will be thought of. After some women have completed colposcopy, doctors will ask for a biopsy. Do digital colposcopy require biopsy? This is a problem that many female friends are more concerned about. Let's learn about it together.

Do I need to take a biopsy for digital colposcopy? This is not necessarily true. The colposcopy examination is mainly to observe whether there are any lesions on the cervix and lower genital tract epithelium. A biopsy may be taken at the lesion site, but this is not taken. This is done by the colposcopy doctor after sufficient observation, and should be combined with the previous colposcopy The TCT inspection report. If the TCT inspection report is only a low level and no suspicious lesions are found under the colposcopy, we can skip the biopsy and let the patient continue to observe and follow up regularly. If the TCT report before is a high Level of lesions, and obvious epithelial changes were also found under the colposcopy. We must take a biopsy. The biopsy is taken for the main diagnosis to further clarify. Precancerous lesions on the cervix, for future treatment There is an academic evidence.

Is colposcopy biopsy painful? This is one of the issues that female friends are more concerned about. When doing a colposcopy biopsy, the doctor will use tools to expand the female friend’s vagina, and then take out some of the vaginal tissue for examination. The entire examination process is painless. Female friends will feel that the flesh of the vagina is a little tight. In addition, when the doctor takes the epidermal tissue from the female friend’s cervix, it will be a little bit painful, but in general, this pain is completely tolerable. Female friends do When colposcopy biopsy, you should choose a regular top three hospitals for examination.

How often does a colposcopy biopsy produce results? The results are usually available in about a week. Because the nature of each hospital is different, the time will be slightly different. Some results will be available within 3-4 days. Consult a doctor for specifics.

The above is a brief introduction about whether digital colposcopy should take a biopsy. It is necessary to follow the doctor’s suggestion for examination.