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Basic functions of digital electronic colposcope

Released on Jan. 13, 2021

Basic functions of digital electronic colposcope: Digital electronic colposcope is the latest product used in gynecological examinations. It combines modern digital imaging technology with computer image processing technology. It has the characteristics of clear image, convenient use and accurate inspection. Breaking through the limitations of traditional optical colposcopy, it can magnify the cervicovaginal mucosa by 10 to 500 times, thereby observing the different manifestations of the cervical surface epithelium and subcutaneous interstitial blood vessels that are difficult to see with the naked eye to estimate cervical epithelial lesions and guide Biopsy site and assess the prognosis of cervical disease treatment.

The unique digital imaging technology of the digital electronic colposcope system introduces a new concept for clinical diagnosis. The specific lesion can be directly displayed on the monitor in the form of an enlarged image, and it is equipped with a standard atlas reference system, so that the correct diagnosis of the disease can be made and the best treatment plan can be selected.

Digital electronic colposcope can diagnose gynecological diseases more intuitively and accurately without any trauma and side effects of digital electronic colposcopy. It helps to improve the diagnosis rate of cervical cancer, especially for the diagnosis of precancerous lesions, which has extremely important clinical value.

Functional requirements of digital electronic colposcope:

1. Real-time dynamic observation

Real-time dynamic observation, instant image acquisition, freeze, comparison, save, delete, dynamic video, movie playback and other functions.

2. Image processing

Area selection, block enlargement, image enhancement. Length and area measurement, up and down, left and right all-round flipping, negative image, calibration setting, image annotation, grayscale adjustment, image processing.

3. File management

Case data provides convenient archive retrieval, add, modify, delete, query, and comment.

4. Report generation and editing

The report generation method can be added or selected, and the content and pictures of the printed report can be freely edited as required.

The above briefly introduces the basic functions of digital electronic colposcopy, hoping to help everyone better understand the digital electronic colposcopy, more information welcome to consult!

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