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Design Of Medical Endoscope

Released on Dec. 11, 2019

With the popularization of endoscopic minimally invasive technology and the improvement of endoscopic processing technology, endoscopic applications have involved almost all departments such as general surgery, ENT, orthopedics, urology, and gynecology, and have become an indispensable diagnosis for medical use And surgical equipment. According to their development and classification of imaging structures, medical endoscopes can be roughly divided into three categories: rigid tube endoscopes, optical fiber (tubular) endoscopes, and electronic endoscopes. The Medical Endoscopy Cart Supplier will briefly talk about the characteristics of modern medical endoscope design and their success stories.

From the perspective of medical applications, medical endoscopes are mainly used for surgical operations and routine medical examinations. Compared with traditional surgical procedures, the functional minimally invasive surgical techniques of medical endoscopes have been widely accepted by doctors and patients. Endoscopes use natural holes in the human body or open a few small holes when necessary. As long as the doctor is skilled in inserting the endoscope lens into the body, other surgical instruments and camera display systems can be used to perform closed surgery in vivo.

Endoscope Camera has the following features in clinical application: flexible, simple, convenient and more direct operation; patient discomfort is reduced to a minimum; new technology reduces the complexity of surgery and reduces the treatment time; greatly improves the diagnostic ability, Improve work efficiency; facilitate teaching and clinical case discussions, and remote consultation; facilitate close cooperation with patients, allow medical staff and patients to communicate better; provide reliable data for teaching and scientific research.

Endoscope Camera

Endoscope Camera

From a design perspective, humanized and emotional design is the trend of modern medical device design. With the development of science and technology, the development and design of medical devices has entered a new stage. It requires continuous innovation and reform, and it is necessary to change design ideas and principles in the design process, and to research new medical devices that are more suitable for the development of modern medical causes. The design of medical endoscopes ensures the realization of product functions, while taking into account the aesthetic affinity of the product's appearance, the safety and reliability of use, and the simplicity and comfort, and strives to bring more accurate, effective, simple and safe medical services to users Experience. Take for example the design of this medical endoscope.

In the design process, the designer takes the user's needs as the center, fully explores the creative points of the design based on market research, and adheres to the humanized design concept in the design, from modeling, color, material, structure, man-machine, etc. Design innovation in all aspects. Its shape is intuitive and concise, the surface treatment is delicate, the touch is comfortable, and it gives a visual sense of affinity, technology and future. The overall structure is compact, the high-definition display, the human-machine interaction interface is simple and friendly, and the operation is simple and flexible, which can minimize the patient's discomfort, improve the diagnostic ability of medical staff, and have a positive effect on the treatment of patients.

Of course, with the popularity of endoscopic minimally invasive surgery, more and more patients choose to use endoscopic minimally invasive surgery, which brings good development opportunities for Adjustable Height Medical Trolley Manufacturer.