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Common faults and solutions of medical endoscope cold light source

Released on Jun. 01, 2022

The medical endoscope cold light source is used to match with the medical endoscope camera host to provide clear lighting for minimally invasive surgery. It is mainly composed of a medical bulb, a dielectric film cold reflector, a controller, a micro axial flow fan, and an electromagnetic pump. Long-term use may cause the machine to malfunction. Let's learn about the common failures and solutions of the cold light source of medical endoscopes to help you better understand the equipment.

medical endoscope cold light source

Common faults of medical endoscope cold light source:

1. The light source host cannot be started

2. The operation panel cannot be started

3. The bulb is aging and has no response and insufficient brightness

4. An alarm appears when starting up

5. Internal circuits and electronic chips are damaged


1. Repair or replace the power board

2. Replace the bulb bearing and replace the wick

3. Repair or replace the control board

4. Repair or replace the motherboard

5. Repair or replace the internal electronic chip

Is the cold light source of medical endoscope LED better or xenon lamp?

In addition to sunlight, xenon lamp is the best light source, but the life of xenon lamp is short, and it is easily affected during surgery. At present, most of the cold light sources of endoscopes use LED lamps. To 100,000 hours, it is more than 10 times longer than traditional light sources. It has the characteristics of no pollution, high brightness, long service life and high conversion rate. The color rendering index of LED lights is more than 90.