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The Considerations should be Noticed When Doing Colposcopy Check

Released on Jul. 05, 2019

Colposcopy is to observe the epithelial lesions of the vagina and cervix directly through the colposcope under the illumination of a strong light source, and enlarge it by 6 to 20 times, so as to observe the tiny lesions of the vagina and the cervix that are invisible to the naked eye, and locate the biopsy in the suspicious part. Improve the rate of diagnosis. So what are its precautions?



Before inspection

1. Sexual life is prohibited for 72 hours before the examination.

2. Do not vaginal rinse and medication for 48 hours before the test.

3. Understand the purpose, significance, safety, inspection procedures and precautions of colposcopy.

Inspection time

No special attention is required during this inspection, and the mood is relaxed and checked.

After inspection

1. Keep the vulva clean after examination, and take oral antibiotics to prevent infection.

2. Sexual life and bathing are prohibited for 2 weeks after the examination.