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Clinical application of 4K medical endoscope camera system in orthopedics (foramoscope)

Released on May. 05, 2022

Clinical application of 4K medical endoscope camera system in orthopedics (foramoscope)

4K medical endoscope camera system technical features:

The application of 4K medical endoscope camera system for surgical operation can provide the operator with a clearer surgical field and vivid picture, and the significantly enhanced realism and sufficient magnification can bring the operator better positioning and orientation, thereby Improve the precision of surgery. The delicate anatomical imaging under the 4K ultra-high-definition imaging technology can help improve the operator's anatomical identification, improve the accuracy of surgery, and complete the fine anatomy more smoothly. For example, the recognition of nerves, blood vessels, mesentery, lymph and adipose tissue in the laparoscopic field of view is increased. On this basis, fine dissection and dissociation can reduce intraoperative bleeding, protect important nerve functions, and accurately remove the scope and boundaries of lymph nodes. Therefore, the 4K laparoscopic system is more recognizable than the traditional high-definition laparoscopic system, and has a lower probability of operating errors, which can help surgeons to easily identify the relationship between important anatomical structures and surrounding tissues. In addition, the magnification advantage of 4K laparoscopy can relieve eye fatigue compared with traditional high-definition laparoscopy.

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